This website, and the Stay Working Systems it contains, was developed as a demonstration project for a Washington Dept. of Labor and Industries Safety and Health Investment Projects (SHIP) Return to Work Grant. The participating employers or workers are members of one of two partner groups, the Washington Farm Bureau and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 77. For more information about SHIP grants, here is a link to their website.  About SHIP Grants.


SWS-StayWorkingSystems- Ship Grant

About Us:

Project Manager: Chandra Pat Caine, MS, CDMS

The Project Manager and Grant Developer, Chandra Pat Caine, has extensive experience in the process of early return to work for injured workers. Her motto is a win win for everybody in developing light duty jobs. She uses a unique method for discovering value-added tasks that make returning to a light duty job a positive experience for both the worker and the employer.

Combining her experience in vocational rehabilitation and ergonomics, she often uses jobsite modification equipment to bring a job within a worker’s physical limitations. This not only allows the worker to perform more tasks sooner, but can also prevent an aggravation of the injury.

She formerly worked for the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division and was on the team that developed and implemented the Employer at Injury Program in Oregon, which is very similar to the WA Stay at Work Program. Subsequently, she worked for a private firm that develops pre-planned early return to work systems for large self-insured employers.

Ms. Caine currently works as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and Jobsite Modification Specialist for Vista Consulting Services, Inc. and manages a case load of injured workers to create solutions for their return-to-work.

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Project Sponsor: Dan McKinney, M.Ed, CRC, CDMS, CMHC, ABDA

Mr. McKinney is president of Vista Consulting Services, Inc., which was founded in 1989 to provide quality counseling and consulting services to individuals, businesses, organizations and government entities throughout the state of Washington, primarily east of the Cascades.  Our diversified professional staff includes highly experienced and credentialed individuals in the area of vocational rehabilitation counseling.

Project Partners:

Richard Johnson, President IBEW Local 77

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers – IBEW Local 77 is one of the largest IBEW Local Unions within the United States.  They represent more than 7,000 working men and women throughout the State of Washington, parts of Idaho, and Montana.

Their membership represents a variety of classifications within the electrical industry, including: Journeyman Linemen, Journeyman Metermen, Journeyman Cablesplicers, Power Dispatchers, Customer Service Representatives, Call Center Responders, Protection Relay System Operators, Journeyman Substation Wiremen, and Journeyman Hydro Operators to name a few.

Due to the highly technical nature of many jobs performed by IBEW members, the union sought a method to help keep crews intact after on the job injuries occurred. Maintaining job classification integrity has often been a stumbling block in bringing workers back to light duty jobs. IBEW Local 77 actively participated in developing the Link Job Descriptions for utility workers used in the The Stay Working Systems presented here and assured classification integrity in the assigned tasks.

Rick’s Linked-In Page

Robert Topping, PhD, Manager Regional Education and Training Center (RETC)

RETC is an independent, private, non-profit Competency-based workforce training corporation that provides training in the workplace, online, or through real-work scenario based simulations so that workers can be competent and proficient.

Their mission is to assist companies and their workers to be more confident in their understanding of the levels of performance they need to do in their work, and the responsibilities of their duties and their assigned job tasks.  The results are measured by how a company grows, adds jobs, and becomes a stronger competitor within the industry sector.

Members of the IBEW 77 act as governing board members to the RETC, their safety trainers. The RETC and the IBEW work together on all safety concerns.

Mr. Topping manages the RETC programs and is the documentarian of the competencies for all job classifications belonging to IBEW Local  77. His work contributed to maintaining classification integrity in the Link Job Descriptions.

Robert’s Linked-In Page

The Washington Farm Bureau

The Washington Farm Bureau has been serving agriculture and related industries for more than 78 years. They understand the needs of their members.

Their Retro/Safety program includes safety training, safety program development and inspections, claims management and member education. They work with members to ensure injured workers receive appropriate care and help get them back to work as quickly as possible. They encourage all their members to bring their workers back on light duty and offer suggestions for job duties they can perform.

The Washington Farm Bureau’s participation in the Grant Project was one more way to serve their members by providing pre planned Stay Working Systems.

Link to WA Farm Bureau


Chandra Pat Caine
Vista Consulting Services, Inc.

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