The Bottom Line

How Much Can a Stay Working System Save You?

Potential Direct Benefits Paid to a Washington Labor & Industries Employer Using Link-Jobs

If you maxed out the Stay at Work Program Benefits $13,900.00
If you maxed out the Job-site Modification Benefit $5,000.00
If you used an L&I contracted Job-site Modification Consultant $1,000.00
Total $19,900.00


Indirect Cost Savings on Premiums for Employers Using Link-Jobs

Premium Base Rate Discount for No Compensable Claims   See Claim Free Discount 10% to 40%
Members of Retro Groups May Qualify for a Premium Refund up to 40%     About Retro 3% to 40%

The example below shows the difference in premiums an employer may pay. An employer does not have to be claim free to receive the “Claim – Free Discount”, just have no compensable claims. That means no time loss paid and no permanent partial or total disability awards. For more details, check out the links at the bottom of this page.

How to Earn a Claim Free Discount

Rate Setting 101 Video

Video on Claim Free Discount